My name is Filipe Coelho, aka falkTX.
Welcome to my webpage!

I'm a self-taught software developer, with personal interest in C++ and Python.
Easily motivated by a good challenge. Open-Source enthusiast.
Currently living in Berlin, Germany.

My Projects

Created Open-Source Projects

My own little open-source projects, mostly created from scratch.
Click on the images to see them in their original size and on the project title to open its page in a separate tab.



Desktop tools and Debian-based repositories, focused on audio production.



Virtual modular synthesizer, based on VCV Rack.
Self-contained audio plugin and standalone app.



Fully-featured cross-platform audio plugin host.
Loads plugins (LADSPA, DSSI, LV2, VST2, VST3, AU) and sample banks (SF2, SFZ), and also works as an audio plugin itself.


DPF / DPF-Plugins

C++ framework to create real-time cross-platform audio plugins.
Provides UI support using Cairo or OpenGL, with integrated NanoVG library.

Publications and Presentations

A small collection of publications about my projects or presentations I did.

Curriculum Vitae

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